The Hardest But Most Fun Climb Ever!

Hello gamers and anything else you like! Today I’ll be talking about what I did just a few hours ago! Me and Pedro and Charlotte went rock climbing in a crator! At one point a was gonna give up and then I didn’t so I’m really proud of myself and I liked climbing the crator, at one part, we had to go through this really deep tunnel that was under a mountain! And I’m sorry it’s a bit late but… Happy Halloween!IMG_20171104_150705 (1)


New Title!!!

Hello! We have a new title! I thought I might get bored posting just about travel stuff, so I changed it to, With Rafi. Now, here you can find gaming tips, travel tips still, driving tips, and anything, litterally. ANYTHING. that you ever imagined. I hope you won’t miss Travelling With Rafi, because there are lots more things to come from this website. If you have any questions, you can ask them down below. And with that out of the way I guess I have to go now!

                                              If you ever need anything. Ask Rafi

3 Best Travel Apps

1] Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, is a good offline game. But this is not a game for kids, unless their parents are willing to buy them all the maps and characters for the game.

2] Subway Surfer

Many people have heard of Subway Surfer, battle your way through many levels running from a policeman and his dog. This is a good game to play when your tired! Click the links and download them!!!

3] Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a awesome game for kids. It combines fruit which I think everyone loves, with ninjaness. I really recommend this game for fans of Clumsy Ninja, and Fruit Fighter.



I recently just started posting again and I want to update you, on my scuedule for posting


On monday I will be posting 1 or 2 posts


On tuesday I will be posting 2 or 3 posts


On wednesday I will be posting 3 or 4 posts


On thursday I will be posting 4 or 5 posts


On friday I will be posting 6 or 7 posts


On saturday I will be posting 7 or 8 posts


On  sunday I will be posting 8 or 9 posts.


       OH! that was hard to write! this has been Rafi and I will see you, everwhere!


Good Books To Read

Books are good to pass the time, but some people like different kinds of books. Some books I like are travelling ones but some are just BAD. I recomend Kindle to read! Kindle is a tablet kind of thing which is better. If anyone ever asked me what i could say about books, I would say that kindle is better. Now I see myself rattling on about the kindle and i haven’t recommended a single book in this post. Well I recommend Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Its a very funny kid friendly book, and it is suitable for every age, (exept 1-5)

          This has been fun! this has been Rafi and I will see you, everywhere


How To Survive A Plane Crash

plane 2Most people aren’t scared of planes, but some people are.i you are one of those people then these handy guidelines with probably save you life!

1] Stay calm. If you start freaking out then take deep breaths and buckle up!

2] Ask help for putting on your mask if you are landing hardly.

3] Don’t freak out and put your seatbelt on.

4] If you are going to land on water, you can find your life jacket under your seat.

5] Before you go into flight, the members will show us what to do if one of these things happen.

6]  The things i said here will all be in the seat in front of you.


If you don’t believe me then you can find more information here.